washing pic8.jpg

Fill Sink with Cool water

Photo ID: shows a silver sink being filled with water

washing pic7.jpg

Add Eucalan to full sink

Swish to distribute

photo ID: shows the filled sink of water with a cream colored bottle of Eucalan wash

washing pic6.jpg

Finish Filling Sink

Photo ID: Shows the filled with water sink with bubbles from add thing soap.

washing pic1.jpg

Add wrap

Allow to saturate and gently press down to submerge

photo ID: the sink is now also filled with the wrap intended to wash, it is a rainbow color wrap.


Drain sink

Move wrap to one side and allow water to drain

photo ID: the sink is now draining and the water is flowing out, the rainbow wrap is pushed to one side.

washing pic5.jpg

Press out excess water

Do not wring

photo ID: this photo shows the wrap in the semi dry sink after the water has run out.

washing pic4.jpg

Roll wrap in towels

Lay flat or gently hang to dry

photo ID: the beautiful rainbow wrap

is being rolled into a white towel.