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Christina Mossaad

Christina Mossaad


It all started when…

About me: I am a mom to 4 earthside babies all under 7, former Orthopedic materials engineer with a MS, PhD from Rutgers University branching into thermodynamics of hydroxyapatite and inorganics, and hobbyist photographer (I've not picked up my big camera near enough since #3 was born 2 years ago).

The transition from the electron microscope to the photography lens was natural, just as the transition from traditional chemistry to dye chemistry has been, but with a more artistic flair that makes it feel like a calling for a creative soul. I love bright, saturated colors in yarn and photography. I love custom mixing and color matching as well as helping in warp design where needed! When not immediately at the dye pot, I dabble in some fabulous cosmetics and skincare called SeneGence and LipSense, only from the Scientific point of view through blog posts and answering questions about the chemistry of it all over at Science To Slay!

I have recently taken up spinning in my spare time, come join me as I expand into a new realm of fiber geekery and handdyed fiber adventure!

Thank you for following me and helping me pursue my dream of being a mother, I love being able to stay with them and watch them grow every step of the way!

Feel free to Pm me if you have any inquiries or want any custom dye work! 

I love being an indie dyer , so you will find many of these hashtags have my contributions: indie yarn , indie dyer , indie dyers of ig , artisan yarn , art yarn , artist , handspun yarn , hand dyed yarn , hand dyed , makersmovement , makersgonnamake , spinning , spinnersofig , spinnersgonnaspin , local yarn shop , chromatic dyenamics